The Only Proven Ready for Integration Automotive Cyber Security Solution

The advantages of ECUSHIELD have already been recognized by global automakers and suppliers who have chosen to integrate ECUSHIELD into their onboard systems.

TowerSec Awards

The Smart Solution for Smart Cars

As connected vehicles are becoming a reality and establishing itself as the transportation of the future, shielding such vehicles from the vulnerabilities of technology is of great importance. Years of research and engineering were invested to develop the ultimate solution – TowerSec‘s ECUSHIELD.

ECUSHIELD turns any ECU into an Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) system and any gateway ECU into a smart firewall.

Easily Integrated

Easily integrated into a CAN-BUS accessible ECU, telematics controller or infotainment unit, ECUSHIELD continuously monitors the vehicle while identifying new threats.

Prevent Malicious Intrusions

ECUSHIELD provides powerful, real-time detection and policy enforcement to prevent malicious communication intrusions from reaching the vehicle’s mission critical systems.

Double-Perimeter Protection

For systems with access to external communication channels (Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, SRC/DSRC), ECUSHIELD provides continuous monitoring and protection of both internal and external communication channels, serving as a double-perimeter security protection.

ECUSHIELD deploys a holistic threat mitigation solution to complement your business offering:
Attack detection and revention, Policy enforcement and Log reporting

ECUSHIELD highlights:

No Host redesign needed
easy installation on any onboard ECU, telematics controller or infotainment system

A stand – alone
software solution requiring low resources and it is cloud independent.

Single installation
protects the entire vehicle


detection and prevention

Contains a Built-in
security updates mechanism – wired or Over The Air (OTA)

Easily integrates
with other solutions such as cloud, secure gateway, etc.


Ready to embed, Cost effective, Automotive cyber security solution

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